Our Mission


Our mission is to unlock God-given purpose through the arts—for generations. We encourage youth to embrace creativity for self expression, inspiration, and cultural development. In turn, young people are challenged to be innovative leaders who are morally sound and empowered to think and act differently. 

Our Values


Live God's way.

Chase after God, continually seek His presence, and live according to His truth.

Show love & humility.

Exemplify Christ by loving others as we love ourselves and keeping a servant's heart.

Share the gift of creativity.

Promote innovative thinking and ideas that encourage and inspire the creator in all of us.

Don't descriminate.

Effectively reach youth, regardless of their ethnic, social, or economic background.

Have fun.

Maintain safe, fun, constructive, and inclusive learning environments.

Stay passionate.

Be good stewards of the resources and relationships given to us, always remembering the mission and vision of Grace Chasers.

Our Story

Behind the name

If we're not careful, we'll find ourselves chasing empty dreams with temporary pleasure. To be rich. To gain attention. To call the shots.

God's grace reminds us of how much we need Him; how little we can do without Him going before us. As God's Spirit moves, He leaves a trail of grace behind—a lighted path full of favor, opportunity, and promise. Grace Chasers are in constant pursuit of that path. By chasing after God, seeking His presence, and living His way, we gain access to more than this world could ever offer. 

Therefore, we approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.
— Hebrews 4:16

Our Founder

Grace Chasers was founded in 2014 by Cicely Corry. The vision for the organization was birthed after observing teens and how they often "zone out" in church, in class, and ultimately—in life. A creative herself, Cicely saw the arts as a dynamic tool to connect with the next generation in a more relevant way. Today, Grace Chasers exists to rally youth to recognize the creator in them and tap into the true identity and purpose that comes with that gift from God Himself.