How you can get involved
as a college student:

Grace Chasers is an opportunity for you to create meaningful relationships with young people while growing in your own purpose and calling. These are some of the ways to connect with us while you're in college:


College is a time of growth and transition, and building on the right foundation is important. Bringing Grace Chasers to your campus means building a community of like-minded peers to sharpen and motivate one another.

You'll be nurtured by our leaders so you are prepared to hold creative arts classes and discussion forums as a recognized student organization on campus and in the surrounding community. We'll also equip you with the tools you need to grow in your faith and share your beliefs confidently.

GC-You is just that—an opportunity for you to step up and be a leader on campus who inspires others while walking in love and humility.

camp leadership

During the summer, we hold Creative Camps for teens from around the country. As a camp leader, you are assigned a group of teens to chaperone. But it's about more than supervision. You'll teach creative arts sessions, get to know each student more closely, and share your own life experiences with them. Creative Camps also include skits and activities where you can let loose and make fun memories, while also making a difference.

internships & Student Staff

Take advantage of internships and student staff opportunities with Grace Chasers during school breaks. You'll gain experience working with a non-profit organization—helping us plan events, connect with partners and donors, carry out our mission, and much more.

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